OWN your customer's vehicle life-cycle

Autoverse combines the power of GPS Telematics and the PROCARMA retention platform making it the most versatile and must have customer retention platforms for Dealerships who want to own their customers

  • Dealer Branded App

    Autoverse is the only Telematics platform that builds a comprehensive retention solution around the Dealership’s branding.  No need for customers to download third party GPS Apps.

  • 24/7 Stolen Recovery Assistance

    Report stolen vehicle directly from the Dealer App hassle free and communicate with our specialists through the in-App chat.

  • Situational Awareness

    Customers can keep track of their vehicle location in real time. They can create geo fences around any unfamiliar area, airport and hotel parking lotts to make sure their vehicle’s movement sends notifications.

  • Telematics & Health

    Customers can setup their own alerts for battery power, mileage and speed. Stay updated and check your scheduled maintenance and warranty coverages based on your driving mileage information.

  • 7 days a week chat

    Ownership without support leads to less satisfied customers and attrition. Autoverse ecosystems are focused on customer engagement first to manage expectations.

  • Action Reminders & DTC

    Remind customers when they are due for their recommended services based on their GPS approximated mileage intervals. Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) where applicable, gives the users the ability to see what a code means and what corrective measures to take.

How does the Dealership benefit ?

Successful business ecosystems are meant to be looked at holistically. They are not just about selling a product any more but offering an experience, that the customers will opt for cyclically and they benefit all profit centers.

Lot Management

Protect losses of your most valuable asset by securing every single vehicle with the Autoverse partnered Lot Management solution. Know where every vehicle is in real-time. Save thousands each month in unnecessary human resource bleed through location and telematics automation.

F&I Sell-Through

Offer customers a non-cancellable program that gives them a true value with theft protection and vehicle maintenance management. A high perceived and real value service to offer in F&I.

Dealer Branded Life-Cycle Management

No other program will give the dealership the kind of accessibility to the customer’s automotive service needs like this. Customer engagement for the life of the vehicle’s ownership through, chat, emails, push, service reminders etc.

Earning customer retention!

Dealership Lot Management Platform

An all seeing and all knowing inventory management system that lets you rest assured that everything is in its place and in optimal condition.

An Ecosystem customers need

Autoverse is not simple a telematics solution but is primarily focused on customer engagement and long term retention through GPS telematics and historic data

Fully Managed and Customized Solution

The platform is fully managed on the Dealership’s behalf. This is a key component that makes Procarma + Autoverse a powerful engagement platform. Dealership has minimal involvement in making sure the customers get use our of the platform.


A big part of engagement is driven by gamification. Simply rewarding customers for functional engagement that has utility to them and increases adoption rate

Retention Through Service Engagement

Autoverse uses the Procarma platform to offer customers any kind of maintenance program that ties the customer back to the dealership. Customized email broadcasts, SMS, push notifications, Ringless Voicemails (RVMs) are used to enhance engagement for service customers. Timely and targeted engagement increases the likelihood of customers returning to the store for future services and renewing coverages that have expired.

GPS Telematics

Strength of the GPS tech lies in the empowerment of the end user based on real time data delivered to them.

  • In case of theft, users have access to 24/7 call centers. GPS coordinates shared with law enforcement for return and recovery.
  • Users can set up battery, speed, mileage and boundary exit and entry alerts. Alerts can be push notifications, emails or SMS.
  • On demand vehicle location and trip reports.
  • Users can view their vehicles OEM recommended service intervals and services recommended on those intervals.
  • Users can view their vehicles OEM warranty coverage remaining based on their mileage and year of their car.

Dealer Branding - iOS and Android

Not just an enterprise reskin but a deeply branded iOS and Android code base install for your store

Customer User Interface

Designed to keep things simple!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! email us at support@procarma.com and we will send you an Test Drive login to go through the app features.

Federal privacy laws prohibit any further sharing of location information of the vehicle once a customer has purchased the service. However customers will be notified when it is time for their services through an automated process. Data about service intervals and health of the car however can be managed to better serve the customers.

Yes there is a comprehensive dealer portal that gives the user access to all vehicles devices locations, telematics. An inventory management suite with all the bells and whistles to make sure you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the most important asset of your business.

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